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X-Ray 2023 – Creation of Adam

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X-Ray 2023 – Creation of Adam

On the heels of our recent X-ray adventure in Egypt, we visit Rome, one of the centres of art in Italy for the 3rd edition of the series.

The depicted image of almost touching hands derives from a renowned ceiling fresco by the Italian painter Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. The divine breath of life leaps from God’s finger to the one of a human. This famous gesture represents the Creation of Adam – the first man.

Next to the hands of God and his divine creation, a part of another monumental work by Michelangelo – The Last Judgement – is revealed.

Item 30235

Country Cook Islands

Year 2023

Face Value 5 Dollars

Metal Silver .999

Weight 1 oz

Size 38.61 mm

Quality Proof

Mintage 1500

Technique smart minting® (Ultra High Relief)