2022 Tyrannosaurus Dissected 3oz Silver Coin Reverse
2022 Tyrannosaurus Dissected 3oz Silver Coin Obverse
2022 Tyrannosaurus Dissected 3oz Silver Coin Detail
2022 Tyrannosaurus Dissected 3oz Silver Coin Detail 3
2022 Tyrannosaurus Dissected 3oz Silver Coin Detail 2
2022 Tyrannosaurus Dissected 3oz Silver Coin Packaging

Tyrannosaurus Dissected 3 oz Silver Coin (Antique Finishing)

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Product Description

Tyrannosaurus Dissected

3 oz 999 Fine Silver Coin – Republique du Tchad 2022 – 15000 Francs CFA

The T-Rex has been one of the most popular dinosaurs since its discovery in 1874. Popular culture has always been focused on the speed and prowess of these dinosaurs as predators and even Jurassic Park the movie gave them some attention alongside the now-famous Velociraptor. Tyrannosaurus Rex could grow to more than 40 ft long and 13 ft tall and had an impressively terrifying mouth full of huge teeth. The sheer size of these monstrous dinosaurs has always been a key feature of the fascination with their existence. This dinosaur has also more recently become associated with comics making fun of their short front legs compared to their powerful and long hind legs. The T-Rex has staying power in the popular imagination and if collectors have seen one of the many full skeletons that are in museums in the US, they will know why.

The incredible detail on the obverse of this piece shows the complete skeleton of the T-Rex, allowing viewers to look at the muscles and bones that would have made this dinosaur’s prowess at running fast and powerful hunting processes possible. It is easy to imagine this large creature sprinting across the plains, eating smaller dinosaurs in one bite. The reverse side shows what a T-Rex would have looked like without being reduced to bones and muscles and tendons.

A rare and coveted piece made from 3 oz of 999 Fine Silver, available in both antiqued Silver and Gold gilded finishing and shaped with fine precision, The overlay of the skin, bones, muscles, and tendons is done with equal attention to detail. The shaped precision makes this rendering perfect and clear and the life-like quality of the overlay will amaze collectors. There can be no doubt that dinosaurs walked the earth when collectors see the detailed rendering of the interior workings of this mysterious and amazing creature for themselves. Measures 8.75 x 3.3 cm and is in a limited quantity of 333 pieces only. Each piece is packaged and delivered with a Certificate verifying its edition number and authenticity.

  • Mintage

    333 pcs

  • Weight & Material

    3 oz 999 Ag

  • Finish

    Antiqued Silver & Gold-Gilded

  • Size


  • Country

    Republique du Tchad

  • Year of Issue


  • Face Value

    15000 Francs CFA