2023 Thousand Arms Guanyin 5oz Silver Coin Reverse
2023 Thousand Arms Guanyin 5oz Silver Coin Obverse
2023 Thousand Arms Guanyin 5oz Silver Coin Detail
2023 Thousand Arms Guanyin 5oz Silver Coin Detail 2

The Thousand Arms Guanyin 5 oz Silver Coin

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Product Description

The Thousand Arms Guanyin

5 oz Fine Silver Coin – Republique du Tchad 2023 – 25000 Francs CFA

The Thousand Arms Guanyin has one thousand hands with one thousand eyes on each arm. These arms and eyes are all-seeing and signify the Guanyin’s ability to ease all suffering in this world, and hence is often propitiated for blessings and protection. According to folklore, the Guanyin had vowed to work incessantly to end suffering for all beings. While in her attempts to achieve this, she realized that there were countless more who needed her help, overwhelming her so much that her head and arms were split into pieces. In response, Amida Buddha granted her a thousand hands and heads, fulfilling her desire to embrace and alleviate the suffering of the world.

The collectible features the Thousand Arms Guanyin standing upon a lotus flower – the symbol of purity and perfection. The different objects held in her hands are her tools of salvation, with each of her arms extended outward as a show of her benevolence and compassion made with an ultra-high relief on a concave surface delivering an exact and revered profile of the Bodhisattva. Together with a purposeful dark finish, the Guanyin appears vivid and real. When held in one’s hand, this intricate piece delivers a divine purpose of blessing one with peace and protection, warding off all negativity and calamities. The obverse features the legal tender, the Coat of Arms du Tchad on top of a symbol of the Dharma Wheel which represents the perfect of dharma,  the Buddha’s teaching. The rim of the wheel represents meditative concentration and mindfulness, which hold practice together. The hub represents moral discipline.

Sized at 40x60mm, this 5 oz 999 Fine Silver coin is struck concave in ultra-high relief, complemented with both gold-gilded and antiqued silver finishing that accentuates the lifelikeness of the Thousand Arms Guanyin. This is a limited edition of 111 pieces only. Each piece is packaged and delivered with a Certificate verifying its edition number and authenticity.

  • Mintage

    111 pcs

  • Weight & Material

    5 oz 999 Ag

  • Finish

    Concaved, Antiqued/ Gold-Gilded with High Relief

  • Size


  • Country

    Republique du Tchad

  • Year of Issue


  • Face Value

    25000 Francs CFA