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2021 Tommy Bear 1/2 oz Pure Silver Coin

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Product Description

An original character, Tommy Bear was conceptualised with the intention to create a highly valuable yet appropriate gift for young children. Made from ½ oz of pure silver, the ever popular and endearing teddy bear design is die-cut to a miniature size of 3 x 4 cm and adorned with a scarf tied snugly around its neck. Tommy Bear bears a cute and curious expression, and comes attached with a removable ribbon that allows it to be worn as a pendant or hung amongst other collectibles and displays. Rather than gifting the typical presents of stuffed toys and games, this work of art made from precious metal would surely impress and delight both the child and his family alike.

This piece is crafted with ½ oz of 999 pure silver die-cut to the shape of the bear, with details engraved in a super-high relief to finish.


Mintage: 2021 pcs
Material: 999 Ag
Weight: ½ oz Ag
Finish: Antiqued
Diameter: 30 x 40 mm
Country: Republique du Tchad
Year of Issue: 2021
Face Value: 2500 Francs CFA



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Weight 9 toz
Weight 0.5 Oz
Brand PM Collectors