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Garuda-2 oz Ag
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2020 The Garuda 2 oz Pure Silver Coin

USD 329.00 inc. GST

Product Description

Garuda represents royalty and is the national symbol of Thailand. Statues and images of Garuda adorn many temples in Thailand It is usually shown in an anthropomorphic form(man with wings and bird features). Garuda is the vehicle mount of the Hindu God Vishnu and is generally a protector and an enemy of the serpent, Naga. Garuda is the first collectible in the Mythic Battle of Dynamic Opposites series, where the two mythical creatures clash in battle.

The 2 oz fine-silver coin is struck in ultra-high relief while being complemented with antiqued silver finishing. The collectible showcases the close-up of Garuda in the mythic battle against Naga while the obverse features the legal tender, the Coat of Arms du Tchad.

As the first of its kind, the obverse of the second and final collectible coin in the series- “Naga” will act as the Certificate of Authenticity for both collectible coins in the series, “Garuda” and “Naga”, certifying that the collectible coin is authentic and issued by the authority of the Republique du Tchad and is legal tender in the country.


Mintage: 500 pcs
Material: 999 Ag
Weight: 2 oz Ag
Finish: Antiqued High Relief
Diameter: 40 mm
Country: Republique du Tchad
Year of Issue: 2020
Face Value: 10000 Francs CFA


Weight 9 toz
Weight 2 Oz
Brand The Treasurists